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Green Deal

What is Green Deal? Well it is potentially the biggest stimulus to the building sector and the promotion and delivery/installation of energy efficient measures (EEMs) the UK has ever seen, meaning more work for those businesses which are Green Deal and ECO approved.

It could also be the biggest flop the Government has ever presided over, though we do believe the scheme will, despite early problems, be a successful initiative.  The government describes it as:-

“It is the Coalition Government’s flagship policy for improving the energy efficiency of buildings in Great Britain. It is a new market framework. It is based on a key principle that some energy efficiency related changes to properties pay for themselves, in effect, through the resulting savings on fuel bills. The Green Deal will create a new financing mechanism to allow a range of energy efficiency measures, such as loft insulation or heating controls, to be installed in people’s homes and businesses at no upfront cost. The Green Deal will be available from autumn 2012”

The graphic below outlines the main facts and process which the system follows, you can also sign up to Andy’s free guide Green Deal – Is is worth it? by completing the form on the right for more detailed information:

Green Deal

Points To Consider As A Green Deal Installer


As an installer it is important that you consider a number of points:-

If you are already registered with a certification body for MCS or CPS then you should contact them first as from a cost perspective it is likely to be more cost effective to use the same certification body.

Gemserv are the oversight registration body (GDORB) and you will register with them once approved by your Green Deal Certification Body.

Green Deal providers are plentiful but few will be looking out for the interests of the small business and sole trader, shop around and find out what support they can offer your business, are you tied to specific products or pricing schedules, what is are their payment terms once you complete a job, do they guarantee you the work if you deliver the lead?

Your Management System


Green Deal


QMSA have a simple and cost effective solution providing an online Management Systems fully compliant with PAS2030 which is the Green Deal installer standard.

As the industry leaders in small business support, QMSA can provide various levels of assistance to help you achieve the necessary approvals and ensure you are best placed to take full advantage of the opportunities that scheme will bring.

QMSA – Keep it simple and affordable

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